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"This is unquestionably the legal book of the year if not the last decade"

"Make no mistake. This is a work of genius, produced by Stephen Gold, he of the invaluable NLJ “Civil Way” column. I read it in one sitting and on a hot August day, rather than whilst in quarantine with nothing better to do. On several occasions I howled with laughter....."
Reviewed by Professor Dominic Regan in the New Law Journal, September 2016

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"self-deprecating, funny, practical and wise"

"A legal textbook that is genuinely funny? You are joking. Well, not if it is written by one of the best legal communicators of my lifetime. Stephen Gold has crammed in too much as a successful solicitor, district judge and prolific author to be restrained by convention. He writes as he speaks, self-deprecating, funny, practical and wise. ...."
Reviewed by Nigel Pascoe QC in Counsel Magazine, January 2017

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"At £20 for over 500 pages this book is great value."

"so full of useful stuff that it will be of great use to advisers as well as the advised. It includes information on costs, how to get legal help, limitation, and judgments and enforcement. Gold suggests that if you cross-examine a judgment debtor about their assets, you should ask them to empty their pockets first. Car keys, for example. It also includes the information that a guide dog is exempt from bailiff seizures (something I admit had never occurred to me)...."
Reviewed by David Pickup in the Law Society Gazette, November 2016

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