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Wednesday 29 March 2017

Claims for Riot Damage where Uninsured

It's taken the 2011 riots in England to get the law changed. But it is changing on 6 April 2017 with the Riot (Damages) Act 1886 being replaced by the Riot Compensation Act 2016 and with the Riot Compensation Regulations 2017 also coming into force on the same date. We have now got a better scheme for uninsured or under insured riot victims but  compensation will be capped at £1 million per claimant so if you have a premonition of some bother in your area, you might get rid of  a couple of your Rollers. 

You need a riot to start with. Then you need to suffer the damage, destruction or loss of some property as a result of the riot. You need the property to have been in a building or within its curtilage or on land being used for your business. That won't be necessary for a motor vehicle where special rules apply. And then you need to have been without insurance or adequate insurance or insured with an excess. All that and a claim against the police will open to you. If you are unhappy with how the claim is decided, you can apply for review and,if still doing your nut, launch an appeal to the Upper Tribunal.

Just a word on a claim relating to  motor vehicle. It must have been  insured for third party cover but with riot risks excluded and it must have been taxed.