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Sunday 18 February 2018

Tax Trouble Medicine

Oh dear, you didn't get your tax return on time, did you? And your friends at Her Majesty's Revenue and Customs have started to talk about penalties and more penalties and more, more penalties and you haven't got the cash to pay the tax you should have paid by 31 January 2018. Don't stick your head in the sand. Go to http://www.breakinglaw.co.uk/search/label/tax%20penalties  It might just help you.

If you decide to appeal against the imposition of a tax penalty or assessment then now you can do it online so that it's just as pleasurable as buying from Amazon or cursing the Revenue on Facebook.  Go to https://www.gov.uk/government/news/appeal-your-tax-bill-online immediately after you have finished your egg and chips this evening. And almost as exciting, from this Spring a trial begins of video hearings of appeals to the tax tribunal. You may have the opportunity to participate in your appeal from the comfort of your kitchen or the table by the from door of your local Cafe Nero. Do remember, though, to dress with relative smartness - nothing too expensive or they may think you can pay the penalties yesterday - and don't hit your head on the web cam when you bow to the judge.