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Sunday 24 June 2018

M&S Coffee Strength: The Lowdown

You may reckon that Brexit is a worry. It's nothing compared to the dilemma presented by a visit to a Marks & Spencer cafe. Which size coffee to order. You might have thought that the quantity of coffee injected into a cup would always increase pro rata with the size of the cup. Not so, it appears. Medium and large get two shots: large gets more milk. So if you thought you would be able to keep awake for a couple of days by downing a large as against a medium, you would be mistaken. I thought you should know. 

My short exchange today with M&S Customer Service and which is below reveals all. By the way, they came back to me within five hours of my enquiry. Really on the ball. Must be drinking medium or small with two shots. 
On 24/06/2018 11:09, STEPHEN GOLD wrote:
Subject :Contact Us-In-store service and feedback
Product Description:coffees 
Store Name :Havant 
Date of visit :23/06/2018
Your coffees (and other beverages) come in three sizes. In relation to coffees, I have noticed that the larger the size, the weaker the drink. This leads me to the conclusion that the same quantity of coffee goes into the cup, whatever the size ordered and that the larger the size, the more the milk (and froth). Am I correct? If so, IY shall restrict myself to the smallest size in future. If I am incorrect, what is the explanation for the weakness I have identified, please?

On 24/06/2018 15.53 M&S SERVICE Team replied: 
Hi Stephen
Thanks for getting in touch with us about our coffee. I'm sorry to hear you've found the coffee is weaker the larger the cup size.
I've just spoken to Gemma, who works in the cafe at Havant, and she's let me know that one shot of coffee is used for a small cup and two shots of coffee are used for the medium and large cups. The large cup will be slightly weaker as this will have more milk in than the medium. She also let me know that they do offer extra shots but these are for a small charge.
I hope this has helped Stephen. Thanks again for getting in touch and we look forward to seeing you in store again soon.
Best wishes

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