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Tuesday 30 August 2022


Oh dear, a little problem with Waitrose again. I thought I would try the prune juice (as one does) which might go down well after a pint of Newcastle Brown ale. The one litre carton delivered with a Waitrose online order on 26 August 2022 was stamped 'BBE AUG 23 2222'. How should that be interpreted - best before August 23 2022 or 2222? In other words, three days before the date of delivery or good for 200 years?  One might take a risk with a cheese sandwich but prune juice could be trickier, eh? I completed the usual online complaint form and then this.

From Waitrose   27 August 2022

Good evening Mr. Gold,

Thanks for your email, although I am sorry to learn that there’s an issue with the date on Benefit Juice. I understand that this can be frustrating for you. We are keen to resolve this for you, please respond to this email providing a photo showing the date on the product. 

Kind regards,

Waitrose & Partners Customer Care

From me  27 August 2022

It is a pity you will not take  my word for it but  I have only been a customer for 30 years plus and so I realise you must be careful not to be deceived. Please find photo which you may compare with the original held at my home by prior appointment.
From Waitrose  27 August 2022

Good evening Stephen,

Thanks for your response. Firstly, please allow me to apologise for the inconvenience this has caused you.
I have requested a photo so I can send it to the relevant team and raise it to the supplier. Please be assured that we’ll work on improving the service moving forward. 

Moreover, I have processed the refund of £3.55 and credited it back to your payment card ending in 5470. Please allow 3-5 working days for this to be completed.

Kind regards,

Waitrose & Partners Customer Care

From me  27 August 2022

Good Evening
Thank you. I note what you say but you did not mention a refund before you had seen the photograph, did you? 
Would you let me know how you came to supply the product after its best before date or do you consider it is good for 200 years?
What redress shall I receive for my inconvenience?
Stephen Gold

From Waitrose  28 August 2022

Good afternoon Stephen, 

Thanks for your response. 

We thank you for raising your feedback. The relevant teams are investigating this matter and are working to resolve it as soon as possible.

As a token, I have processed a £10 e-gift card. The details will be sent to your email within 24-48 hours. 

Kind regards,
Waitrose & Partners Customer Care