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Thursday 11 April 2024


In my Law Watch video episode 33, I warned of proposed increases in various court fees for civil and family cases along with certain tribunal, probate and Court of Protection fees. Most of the proposals are to be implemented on 01 May 2024 (by statutory instrument SI 2024/476 which may not be readily available for public enjoyment for a couple of days). Some 172 fees are hit by a 10 per cent rise. 

But the proposal to increase the court fee for starting a divorce case has been dropped.

For those on benefits or low incomes, the Help With Fees scheme may lead to no fee or a reduced fee. 

For anyone about to take a step which involves payment of one of the fees hit by the changes, avoid the increase by taking that step before 01 May 2024. That's where the finger and its pulling out come in. 

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