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Tuesday 4 July 2017

Dangling and Decafeinatted At Waitrose

We've been here before (see http://www.breakinglaw.co.uk/search/label/nonsense). Here we go again.

To: customerserviceteam@waitrose.co.uk
Subject: Re: Waitrose Customer Feedback

Hello Paul

Yes, it’s me - your favourite complainant.
Take a look at this -
A nice piece of dangiing metal on the third floor of your Richmond-upon-Thames car park  - YESTERDAY!  It is the very same piece which was the subject of a previous complaint of mine and which was purportedly repaired. In its present state of dangle, the metal presents a danger to bonce and vehicle bodywork.

I do realise that health and safety must be extremely tedious and time wasting for your Partners but if someone could possibly break off from attaching a price indication to the display of sapphire grapes which was missing yesterday (the absence of which was the subject of a separate previous complaint of yours truly) and strain themselves to pop up to the third floor and effect an efficient repair, I am sure that the bodies of your customers and their vehicles would be eternally grateful.

I see that Waitrose has been pipped at the post by M & S as Supermarket of the Year. My commiserations go to you but by way of consolation, I was contemplating putting forward Waitrose as the Disrepair Supermarket of the Year and wondered whether you and your CEO would think this a good idea.

Finally, would it be possible for you to add coffee which is decaffeinated to your stock of drinks which are available fee of charge to those of your customers who satisfy current terms and conditions? I drink only decaffeinated coffee and I wanted to know that a stimulating drink would be readily available to me should I by chance bang my head against something dangling on a future visit to the Richmond-upon-- Thames store.

Kind regards
Stephen Gold

From: Waitrose Customer Service <customerserviceteam@waitrose.co.uk>
Subject: Re: Waitrose Customer Feedback 
Date: 30 June 2017 16:43:30 BST

Thank you for your further email.

I've spoken again with the branch manager. He has told me he will ensure his team include these issues in regular walks of the facilities to ensure any issues like this are addressed straight away. He would like to thank you for your feedback. He has contacted our maintenance department again to review this and take any necessary actions.

You should be able to get a decaffeinated tea from our self service areas for your myWaitrose drink, and you should be able to get a decaffeinated coffee in our cafes, although you would need to make a purchase in one of our cafes to take advantage of this.

Kind regards
Waitrose Customer Care