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Monday 23 October 2017

Fiddled By A Black Cab Driver

You fool, Gold. I didn't look at the meter properly before getting out of the taxi. My excuse is that I was in a hurry and also busy helping to usher out two other passengers from the back of the taxi including a four year old child. But that's no excuse, Gold and there will be serious trouble if this happens again.

So thinking that the meter indicated something less than £8 - the return journey was £5.50 but faster - I stupidly said to the driver 'How much?' '£10,' he replied but there was something about that look on his face that made me think he was taking me for a mug. I gave him a £10 note but no tip because I didn't trust him.

The taxi was ordered through the mytaxi app. The fare receipt was emailed to me promptly after the driver had left. It was for £8.

I complained to mytaxi which dealt with the matter promptly and efficiently.

Rene replied:

In fact, I have been given £5 credit and hope the same guy doesn't turn up next time. Or may be I'll take a bus.


You can read about how to deal with claims arising out of dodgy taxi routes in my book Breaking Law.