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Friday 13 October 2017

M & S Changes English Language

Last Friday I reported on the fruit displays I had seen at Marks & Spencer. Three  items labelled BEST BEFORE 6 OCTOBER 2017 being offered for sale on 6 OCTOBER 2017 (please see http://www.breakinglaw.co.uk/search/label/nonsense). I promised to report back after I had taken this up with M & S. Here is my report!

M & S say that they intend BEST BEFORE 6 OCTOBER to mean that the item is best consumed by the end of 6 OCTOBER so they refute the suggestion that it is still not at its best on that day. 

'But the end of 6 October is not before 6 October''
'Well that's what it means. That's how it's done by us and the industry.'
'Your customers might not buy on 6 October because they think it's too late.'
'We haven't had any complaints before.'
'Might you consider a rewording of the labels?'

I just happened to be in the branch in question this afternoon. A fruit product with a best before date of today was on display but it had been discounted! And the staff seemed to be examining the fruit labels with extended eye balls.

Oh and the Waitrose car park clock at Richmond-upon-Thames was still five minutes slow with the exit barrier up which most customers were discovering having paid any charge.