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Thursday 5 April 2018

Lifting and Speeding at Waitrose

I've had my differences with the Richmond-upon-Thames branch of Waitrose (see http://www.breakinglaw.co.uk/search/label/nonsense and chapter 40 of Breaking Law) being one of my favourite shops. Car park clock which couldn't tell the time: dangling car park metal: price labelling; visiting pigeon. That sort of thing. I'm afraid they now have their ups and downs with a lift (sorry!) and seem to have gone over the top with vehicle humps positioned rather closely together to cater for shoppers speeding to get to the bargains. Here's my latest e-mail exchange with customer services.


Sent: 02/04/2018 16:24
Subject: Re: Waitrose Customer Feedback (02990134) 

I’m back. I see you have revamped the Richmond-upon-Thames car park and the clock seems to be working so many congratulations on fixing the problems, albeit after an eternity. 
Alas, I have two other matters to draw to your attention. I know that your local management professes to be alert by regular inspections to car park clock malfunctions and the danger of a customer’s head being knocked off by a suspended metal warning sign because you have told me so on a number of occasions. They now need to sharpen up on their hearing so that it matches their eyesight. The recorded message in the middle lift announces that the lift is descending when in fact it is ascending. I was first sort of aware of this about a fortnight ago when I thought I heard it announced that I was on the second floor and going down whereas I was in fact going up but put it down to a mistake on my part. But, no. I can confirm that the announcer does not know if she or the travelling customers are up or down. She was at it again today which is a pity because customers could decide to jump out mid-journey or not even enter the lift when they are above the ground floor believing that it is destined for what would be the wrong direction for them.  So would local management like to unplug their lug-holes and pin them right back and take a very good listen in the middle lift?
The second matter concerns the ‘humps’ recently installed in the ground floor approach to the car park barrier. I do not know if you are trying to keep me out but they are too high and severe with the result that my vehicle’s suspension has pleaded with me to try and get them lowered before it breaks up. As much as I am sure your customers are eager to get into the store before it sells out of products, I doubt that ‘ humps’ which are really suited to speed maniacs are really appropriate in the peaceful Borough of Richmond.
I look forward to hearing from you as, no doubt, do you, from me.
Yours sincerely
Stephen Gold 

Waitrose Customer Service 

Re: Waitrose Customer Feedback (02990134)  

Thank you for your further message.

We've spoken with XX (name deleted by me), who is aware of the issue with the lifts.  The branch aren't able to take the lifts out of use, however this will be fixed when the parts arrive to correct the issue.

The bumps are to UK standards and used across the business. These had to be installed to address the speed some vehicles were driving at the location. 
Kind regards 
Waitrose Customer Care
Case Reference: 02990134