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Monday 9 March 2020

Behave at Work for Just 4 Weeks

Just four weeks to 6 April 2020. That's when the compensation limits which employment tribunals can dole out will be rising. This means if the axe is treated as falling on or after that date, you would qualify for a little bit more. For unfair dismissal as well as redundancy claims, the axe will generally be treated as falling on the date your notice period expires or, if no notice has been given, the date on which termination is to take effect (so "Get out of my office, Buggins, this very second and never allow me to see your ugly face again'' would count as an instant dismissal.)

The new limits reflect the increase in the retail prices index since the last revisions were calculated one year ago and so there's an extra 2.4%  available across the board. For calculating the basic and additional unfair dismissal awards, a weekly amount of pay is taken and that rises from £525 to £538. The ceiling for the compensatory award for unfair dismissal is up from £86,444 to £88,519.