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Monday 24 January 2022


'Take him down.' May be downtrodden at home but you could be ruling the roost as a magistrate dealing with criminal cases and, if you wished, family cases as well. They want you. There is a national shortage of some 4,000 beaks and the Ministry of Justice has today launched a campaign to try and recruit them.

Aged between 18 and 70, able to tell the difference between 'guilty and not-guilty' and not fresh out of prison and you could be selected. If employed, the boss is under a legal duty to give you a reasonable amount of time off to make a contribution to the administration of justice in England and Wales but it's up to them to decide how much time and whether it is to be paid or unpaid leave. You will get lost earnings and  expenses but there are limits. You will find them at  https://www.magistrates-association.org.uk/magistrates-allowances

You can apply online at https://magistrates.judiciary.uk/