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Wednesday 9 November 2016


Firm dates have now been given for the latest tranche of closures of county court hearing centres along with the district registries which run out of four of them and deal with High Court work. Here they are and the dates they pack up-

Halifax                        28 November 2016
Tunbridge Wells          09 December 2016
Scunthorpe                  13 January 2017
Hartlepool                   30 January 2017
Reigate                        31 March 2017

Justice will be available at other centres though court users may have a bit more travelling than they expected in their quest for it. And if you want to put in a bid for one of the buildings, I am sure Her Majesty's Court and Tribunal Service will be glad to hear from you. Perhaps you could open up a fish and chip shop and call it The Court Plaice