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Monday 17 September 2018

'Breaking Law' Price Mistake?

I think my publishers must have made a mistake. They're flogging off my book at a discount! No, I don't mind. It's better than stumbling on a copy in a refuse bin. Anyway, I do urge you take advantage and buy a copy. If you are currently embroiled in a legal dispute, civil or family, or fancy starting one up, this book is for you with template letters, court documents, and agreements - pre-nuptial, cohabitation and no-sex agreements included - and tales of my life as a practising lawyer during which time I acted for the Kray Twins and then as a judge. The book is intended not only to be of use but to entertain. Really. They say it's a good read.

You will find practical advice on how to survive (and possibly save a fortune) without paying for  a lawyer as well as how to source help from a lawyer if you can't afford to pay an arm and a leg for it or anything at all.

Breaking Law has had rave reviews - oh dear, this bragging is so embarrassing - not only from litigants in person but from professional lawyers including the highly respected Professor Dominic Regan who reckons it is possibly the best legal book of the decade. Must remember to send him a crate of whisky next Christmas. You'll find snatches of some of the reviews on this blog.

The book has been written for those without legal representation but no self-respecting lawyer should be ashamed to hide a copy under their desk and a few I know have even dared to display it on their desk.

The law is constantly changing and that's why I cover important legal developments in my blog with regular posts. This blog can be fully accessed free of charge.  

How do you get the discount? Use the code BLT0918 when you order online here or call the publishers, Bath Publishing, on 01225 577810 and let them know you read about the book on this blog.