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Wednesday 14 November 2018

Cancel Tomorrow's Appointments: Big Match coming To You

Don't waste time watching daytime tv tomorrow or trying to understand the Brexit backstop to the backstop. Go to the civil division of the Court of Appeal. You won't have to take a bus to the Royal Courts of Justice in London's Strand. Just go live-streaming through your computer. Click on to judiciary website  (have a go around 10,30am) and it will take you to  home match between West Ham United and E20 which manages the Olympic stadium who are arguing about the seating capacity which should be made available to the club for its home fixtures at the London stadium in Stratford. Perhaps a packet of crisps and a few beers would be in order in case the barristers drone on for too long.

In fact, the experience should be fascinating. It is a pilot for what is intended to be a new service designed to increase public access to the courts. Live streaming has taken place for some time in the Supreme Court but in the Court of Appeal only limited broadcasting has occurred. Tomorrow is a first with the full hearing of the appeal case being available for observation at home, Starbucks or wherever you happen to be.

If tomorrow's experiment is reckoned to be a success them many more cases including family appeals can be expected to be up for streaming in the future. You may need a box of crisps and a crate of beers.