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Friday 29 July 2016


May I return to the retirement cake (see my Retirement posting)? I duly took the matter up with Waitrose who supplied it. They have promptly dealt with my complaint. My email exchange with them is here for you to feast on. We had a midway exchange involving a request for some identifying information which I gave them but I have sliced this out. I regard my complaint as reasonably dealt with and will not pursuing heavy damages for injury to my reputation! 

From: STEPHEN GOLD Sent: 24/07/2016 
Subject: Cake
The picture you see is of a cake supplied to me by Waitrose. Do you observe anything odd about it? I thought you would. The inscribed word Goodbye which was intended be me to be its main feature has been split. The cake was for a farewell lunch for colleagues and staff at my place of work after 21 years’ service and although intense shyness prevented me from personal attendance at the lunch, I wanted to be remembered as someone who knew how to spell. A contrary impression would have been given.
The cake was one of a  number of items which were collected on my behalf from your Kingston-upon-Thames store on 11 July 2016 and for which in total I had prepaid circa £130.  When I personally placed the order approximately a fortnight earlier, the lady at the customer desk who dealt with me struggled with the word in question. I spelt it out for her and did so without stoppage or any form of hesitation, deviation or repetition between the Good and the bye. Therefore, there can be no reasonable excuse for what has happened.
I am told that the cake was delicious although I am perceived to be stupid, thanks to Waitrose. I would invite your comments. If there are any spelling errors in this message then I apologise but at least they have not been iced onto the email.
Cheer io
Stephen Gold

Waitrose Customer Service Sent: 28/07/2016
Waitrose Customer Feedback (Case No. 02272059)
Thanks for your return email Stephen. 

I'm sorry you've had a poor experience with your recent Waitrose entertaining order - I've discussed this with the branch and arranged for them to refund the amount paid for the cake onto your payment card. You'll receive an email confirmation when this has happened.

I hope my response has been helpful today and if you’d like to provide feedback we have a link to a short survey. It’ll only take a few minutes and as a thank you for your time you’ll be entered into our prize draw where you could win £500 in gift cards. 

Kind regards 
Waitrose Customer Service