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Wednesday 7 September 2016


Joshua Rozenberg QC, the former BBC legal correspondent and eminent and prolific legal correspondent, likes Breaking Law. Hurrah! He says it is entertaining and useful. But hold on. He thinks he has spotted an error on the first page. Well, if you're  going to make a mistake in a book, do it nice and early and then it will be forgotten about by the time you reach the end, I reckon.

But have I erred? On the first page, I recount my use of an old button A and button B telephone box in Hampshire when I rang the Law Society long distance to enquire whether I could scrape into the law with just five GCE 'O' levels, the tops of six Weetabix packets but limited small change. I claim that I encountered bleeping every couple of seconds when my money ran out.  Mr Rozenberg contends that, at least in London, these old black boxes did not emit a beep to tell you to add money - only the newer grey STD ones did so.

Now, I could have sworn that I was beeped or, if you prefer it, pipped. I clearly cannot be a judge in my own cause on this one. I am considering proceedings for a declaration.

Must fly. Someone on the line.