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Wednesday 28 September 2016


Do you have any legal redress if you open your insurance renewal quote, pass out with shock at the amount and, as  result, miss the bus to your disciplinary interview and are fired? Possibly against the former employer but not against the insurer!

My property and contents quote from Tesco Bank was for £751. I didn't pass out, though it did ruin my day and I was unfit to make any blog posts, which at least gave you a break. 

I have just been in touch with Tesco, opting for the 'thinking of leaving' extension and got a live human being at the other end. They brought the quote down to £245 without any threats which must surely be one of the biggest percentage reductions known to insured man since quotes were invented. The broker thought that the computer must have had a bad day when originally calculating how much to ask for. Suggest you check your quote carefully. The computer was unwell on 2 September 2016.