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Thursday 8 September 2016


Tomorrow is a big day in the matter of the cake. That's the cake I told you about on 29 July for my retirement lunch at court which I was not attending in case anyone made a speech. It was supplied by Waitrose and iced by them with a Good Bye instead of a Goodbye as instructed. As I reported last time, Waitrose agreed to refund the price.

But after my last report, I got thinking. My guests should have had  a replacement cake for the one they scoffed with a new inscription. So what I settled on was a gift card which I could use to order a fresh cake with any inscription so long as it did not contain expletives. That's what they said, really! I duly attended at a Waitrose branch, typed in the inscription on their computer and paid with the card. Twenty five quid! 

The new inscription should be Hello sorry re the Good Bye (I was limited to 25 characters and spaces). And that's where tomorrow comes in. The cake will kindly be collected by someone from the court from the nearest Waitrose branch and inspected and consumed at lunch. Of course, I shall be physically absent as usual but there in spirit.

I hope to be in a position to report to you next week on whether the inscription was in accordance with latest instructions. If you can wait!